Leica M3 rangefinder and why it’s such an amazing camera

Leica M3 Rangefinder

“lifetime investment in perfect photography,”

Somewhat of an understatement as these cameras tend to outlive their original owners!

The best camera Leica has ever made, it’s also their best selling camera of all time.

– The LEICA M3 has Leica’s biggest and best finder, offering uncluttered and precise focusing.

– Offers more precise focus for use with lenses like the 50mm f/0.95 NOCTILUX-M than any other LEICA, especially better than today’s LEICA M9.

– The LEICA M3 never puts another frameline inside the one you’re using, unlike newer, lesser LEICAs.

– It has  a smooth, quiet, solid and precise mechanics

– Full compatibility  with every LEICA M lens (1954-today), and with a simple adapter which you can find almost anywhere, including eBay, perfectly compatible with every screw-mount lens (1933-today).

“You are holding a LEICA in your hands — we hope you will derive as much pleasure from it as the multitudes of confirmed LEICA enthusiasts all over the world. In the LEICA M3 you have the utmost in photographic performance, speed, and convenience that we, as specialists in high-grade optical precision instruments, can provide. Such a camera does not come into being from one day to the next. It most favorably combines the experience of a long tradition in the design of scientific instruments with the latest advances of modern optics. It has matured through the many thousands of tests and trials at the hands of the elite of international photographers. You will see for yourself the scope and precision of the LEICA and how in many years’ time it will still be as exact and reliable as it is now.”

– The LEICA M3 is an entirely mechanical rangefinder camera.

– Uses interchangeable lenses

-Viewfinder selects framelines automatically as any lens is attached.

-Several different models of LEICAMETER slips on top and couples to the shutter dial for instant semi-automatic exposure setting.

– It’s simplicity allows the photographer to concentrate on taking the picture.

– Truly an extension of the photographers’ eye and hand.

The LEICA M3 has the world’s biggest, brightest, sharpest, cleanest, clearest and most-accurate viewfinder and rangefinder system.

Ken Rockwell

– The LEICA M3 has a brilliant 0.91x viewfinder, and its flare-free rangefinder spot is the biggest, clearest and most accurate of any other camera.

– Incredibly quiet to use so ideal for street photography.

– Leica M3 Instruction Manual

– Leica M3 User Manual


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