What’s in my bag

I’ve had a few people asking me what I generally find myself walking around with so I thought it was time to share.

What's in your bag
I used to carry a DSLR (Pentax K20D, used to take these pics) all over the place but since rediscovering film, the only digital that travels with me is the iPhone camera (which sits in my pocket so not pictured). The DSLR tends to come along on any big trip I might take.

– Satchel
No name brand that I got for a few £ with some padded inserts.
– Plastic carrier bag
In case rain gets a little too wet(!) as the satchel is not waterproof.
– Leica M3 with Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5.
After wanting one for a good few years but never quite being able to afford one, this came along at a very, very low price so I snapped it up. Haven’t looked back since.
– Olympus XA2
Wonderful, small, light, unobtrusive, simple to use. What else can I say?
– FIlm
Any brand really but normally Fuji 400. There’s always 4 rolls in the bag and 1 each in the cameras before leaving the house. I’d hate to run out of film when I need it most.
– Cheapo no name brand notebook and pen.
– Fishing weight
Last but not least, the fishing weight. Bought it in Istanbul a while ago and it goes with me everywhere. I don’t quite know why as I don’t even fish!

Anyway, I hope you found this useful.



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