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Rose covered in frost

Word of advice from the bleary eyed.

I try and keep my interest in photography alive by shooting anything that moves and anything that doesn’t.

Always keep a camera with you.


Happy International Women’s Day

close up picture of a flower

For you who says I never take pictures of flowers.

Now for something completely different…

Reaching out

Autumn comes but once a year

Managed to step out of the house today for a brief but very pleasant walk, as usual, I took my camera with me. As is not usual, the gorillapod as well as some accessories joined me. We, that is I am m camera, went to a nearby nature reserve/park/mini forest and managed to take some pics that I’m happy with. You can see them below.



Autumn arrived a while ago to the UK. For one reason or another I have been unable to record the transition in pictures. Mainly because of my laziness. Well that all changed today when in the biting cold I ventured out to Osterley Park. A beautiful place in Greater London (near but not too close to Heathrow).

Many of the trees have changed colour and some have begun to shed their leaves sporting bare branches that resemble the hands of an arthritic Witch. I had a pleasant if a chilly stroll up and down the grounds and managed to grab some shots I am happy with. As always, I hope you like them also.