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Last set of images from London Zoo


Five more images from London Zoo

The only slightly disappointing aspect of the trip to London Zoo had to be the rather lethargic Big Cats (Tigers, Lions, Lionesses). Can’t blame them I suppose, the weather wasn’t great so they had themselves a lazy day.

As you can see from the pics below, I didn’t manage to grab a decent image. Never mind, maybe next time.

The Gorillas weren’t very active either but I did manage to grap a couple of shot I’m pleased with. Onto the pictures.

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London Zoo continued…

Not much to say about the trip to London Zoo for this post except to say that the staff are incredibly friendly. It wasn’t very busy because of the weather – slightly overcast with the odd gust of wind. Perfect for me though as we could spend ages looking at the animals and take pics.

Some more images from London Zoo

A couple of shots from the Reptile House and then we move further into (London) Zoo. We didn’t see much activity at first in Gorilla Kingdom owing to the time we were they. The Gorillas must be late risers as most were still asleep.

London Zoo

Paid a visit to London Zoo the other day as the sun was out and we had some time to spare.

It’s certainly well worth the visit. Prices can be a little high so it’s worth taking advantage of the 2 for 1 offer from Days Out Guide. We spent around 4 hours there and never got bored and saw all we wanted to see. The food – fish and chips was lovely but a little pricey.

Anyway, on to the pics. There are quite a few to share with you so I’ll do them in a few groups over a few days. How does that sound?

Reptiles from the Reptile House located near the entrance (and Gorilla Kingdom!).