I shoot both film and digital preferring the convenience of digital and the romance of film.

I’m into all sorts of photography but Travel Street Photography is my favourite.

To purchase a PDF/eBook version of my book Islam – Mecca & Medina Photo Book, click here.



  1. driverrob

    Just sometimes, WordPress’s random blog picker finds a little gem like yours. I guess you work at or near the British Museum. Many years ago I attended UCL so I remember much of that area.
    Some really great photos. I imagine your camera is not in the same league as my little digital snanpshooter.

  2. jenquest

    Hi again, I don’t work near the Museum but I love the place so I tend to go there all the time.

    I use a Pentax K100D which isn’t as good as cameras can get but it is nice.


  3. 47whitebuffalo

    I like the angled perspective–and there’s something about the woman’s stockings–or whatever she’s got on her legs–there’s an element of ‘play’ in this photo that is so engaging. grins

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